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The down4hope and Music Artist Jrumma 2018 Collaboration

Written by Lisa Quidor


Posted on May 29 2021

Your asking what we could have in common?

Here is a basic answer:  Due to the circumstances in our lives we have become good friends.

The situations we have collectively faced, endured and been tried by, have allowed us to understand each other and support one another.  

But, to start, here is a fun fact...we randomly met through social media one day, and within a couple of hours spoke on the phone.  From that day on we have become like family.  I tell him I am his California mom. Poor guy has to put up with me now!

To be clear, this relationship has grown with mutual trust and respect from our life experiences.  Our common goal is to help others find inspiration in Hope through our Clothing, Accessories and Jrumma's Music.  This allows us to merge our efforts to raise awareness on issues that affect not only our own personal families, but has affected many of your families as well. In our individual ways, we are able to reach many different people so they know they are not alone.

In my other blog, I mentioned my son Chaisson had battled Mental Illness and unfortunately had some serious physical health issues as well.  The absolute worst day of my life was when we suddenly lost him to his battle on June 17, 2015.

Jrumma, as I will refer to as Dylan from here on out, had a brother named Jason.  He also suffered from serious issues that were heart wrenching.  Ultimately, he lost his fight on May 5, 2017. His family states that he had such a big heart, and really cared for others.  He is truly missed!

Both families did their best to fight for our loved ones! And death may have been victorious in their cases, but it will not stop our voices screaming from the rooftops to help others!  Dylan's family, along with mine, have made it a way of life to be involved with organizations that assist those in need to fight against suicide, or get assistance through recovery organizations and more.

For Dylan, coping with this and other tragedies involved turning his focus on his music.  Incorporating songs for the broken hearted, and those who are needing support to get through difficult times.  Even though he sings/raps a variety of topics, he really cares for those who are having difficult times in their lives. Anyone who knows him will tell you that he is sincere, down to earth, and willing to give you the shirt off of his back if he thought it would help.

At this time, I want you to know a little about his brother Jason:

Starting with some lighthearted information is that Jason was a die hard Minnesota Vikings fan. He also loved the Louisville Cardinals. 

Dylan related that Jason played on the Football team in High School, and enjoyed playing basketball as he grew up. As mentioned before,  he cared deeply about people.  He showed this in one of the best ways possible, and that was by working with those who have special needs.  

Tragedy struck when they suddenly lost their mother.  Jason was 18, and Dylan was 14 years old.  Having this loss was extremely difficult for all of them to deal with.   Dylan stated that Jason had the roughest time out of everyone coping with the loss of their dear mother.  It was soon after that he started to change.  After years of struggling with drug addiction, he sadly ended his life on May 5, 2017.  

Fast forward to present day, Dylan's goal as the Music Artist Jrumma, is to let people know through his music that "we never walk alone." That they are not the only people who think the way they think, or hurt the way they hurt.  The message is to take hold of your life and choose Hope over Apathy!  He is setting an example by bringing to light the horrible danger of drug abuse, and not by glorifying it. He also emphasizes that it is important to talk about your mental health needs to professionals that can help.

On a side note, there are songs that he sings/raps about being the best at what he does because frankly if your not striving to be your best then don't do it! Everyone has something they are good at.  We are all unique, but we should have a balanced focus on our positive qualities and talents.

Another question I get asked is, how I think Dylan is an example I can stand behind?  I feel that sharing his life experience is extremely courageous. You cannot help but have respect for him.  Despite all of these things happening at a young age he is still going strong.  

I am confident Dylan is going to chase his dreams, kill others with kindness, and strive to be a better person on his own path of life.

To come full circle, our company incorporates not just our logo brand but working with other companies and people that give back to good causes.  I believe that is why he fits in with what we stand for.  We want to embrace a variety of people who have a variety of problems.  We want to give back to as many good causes as possible.

I wonder if Chaisson and Jason had known each other, may they have been good friends? Their true personalities, even though they suffered, were ultimately dominated by love for others.  We strive to honor the people they really were deep in their hearts.

Whether it is ANY form of Mental Illness, Drug Addiction, Cancer, Traumatic event, Abuse, Loss, Illness, anything you are going through.  Please embrace that our message of Hope and Positivity is for ALL of us!  And please have the courage to reach out to your local organizations for help when you need it. 

Remember, We never walk alone!

Hope is different for everyone, but everyone is still down4hope.

Dylan and I put our hearts into this information and we hope that you better understand our story.  If you have, please share it with your friends and family.  

Follow Dylan on Instagram @jrummamusic or Facebook @jrumma.  His new album just dropped and his music can be found on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube and more. As well as send a direct message to him if you would like to order a Jrumma Music Tee, or find out his performance schedule.

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