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What is behind the down4hope Butterfly Logo?

Written by Lisa Quidor


Posted on May 29 2021

The down4hope Butterfly Logo can represent more than just our brand.                    

        For some this symbol is representative of a meaningful life.  

Many have been asking me about why we chose the butterfly logo.  As a woman there have been many things in my life that have made me appreciate what a butterfly represents or symbolizes.  This logo was designed from my personal feelings about the loss of my son.

Around the world it is a common belief the Butterfly represents Endurance, Change, Hope, and Life.  For many of us, the change that occurs in our life is born out of pain.  Which can turn to an appreciation for the lightness or care free feeling of watching a butterfly in flight.  Thus, creating in some of us the desire to have that feeling of being free in our own lives.                   

For me personally, that makes me feel strong.  And it is the same thing I want other people to feel... Happy...Hope...Strong...and be rewarded for their Endurance. Whatever their personal journey is.

The down4hope Butterfly Logo you wonder was born from love, pain, endurance, and strength.  It is extremely painful to loose a child (or anyone for that matter), especially to loosing their fight against mental illness.

But thankfully, I have endured, and am determined to endure, for as long as I live and breathe the air on this beautiful earth. It is my determination to help others not only by inspiring hope through the logos on our clothing and accessories, but by giving back to the community and organizations that assist people to get the needed help to cope with mental illness.  

To be clear though, there are other organizations that we support, such as groups that assist those in their fight against cancer, assisting the homeless, different types of shelters, and special education programs to name just a few. 

When you wear the down4hope Butterfly Logo it is meant to be a visual representation of your strength and endurance. Our other logos are just as important in that they are there for you to represent whatever is important in your journey or life.

I invite you to join in the down4hope movement and follow us on our social media platforms where I would love to hear your thoughts or comments. I also sincerely hope it becomes apart of your life, and brings you a measure of joy, encouragement and most of all Hope.

Sending you all the best.  Please stay safe, happy and healthy!

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