WHY down4hope?

We started this process about 6 years ago, originally to put in place for our son who was fighting mental illness.  We knew we needed to provide something he could participate in from our home. Unfortunately, we lost him in 2015.

Consequently, it has taken some time to bring this to life.  What it has taught us is to never give up on whatever we are inspired to do.  We were inspired by this when he was alive and we are even more inspired to carry on in his memory.  

Hope, Love, Inspiration.  We believe in this positive way of thinking.  We can do anything we set our minds too.  When we are the better self we aspire to be, we will not be anything but good.

ALL of us are different...we have different hopes and dreams and personalities. We can however, bring out the best in each other.  That is what we stand for.  We want the best for you, and everyone who is good at heart.  Be kind to one another and inspire one another.  Hope for the best, be the best, encourage the best.

 Be down4hope.

Thank you for being a part of our down4hope movement.  Share the hope.