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WHY down4hope?

Written by Lisa Quidor


Posted on May 18 2021

We started this process about 6 years ago. It was originally intended for our son to have a business at home because working a traditional job wasn't a possibility for him. Before we were able to launch it, we suddenly lost him in on June 17, 2015. About a week after he turned 21 years old.

Consequently, it has taken some time to bring this to life.  We did not want to give up on what he initially wanted to do, which was to help others through a positive message. Having been inspired by his life, his courage to face difficult obstacles,  it was decided we would carry on in his memory.  

Just as he was aware that, each and every one of us are different. Such as, having different hopes, beliefs, dreams and personalities. We too recognize that despite those differences we can support each other and bring out the best in each other.  

I will always admire our son Chaisson's outlook.  He wanted to help people even though he was sick and homebound.  He tried to think of different ways he could possibly make people happy.  Even if it was through conversation on his headset, playing a game with his online friends. If I do anything in life, I hope I can be half as kind and thoughtful as he could be. 

So with these words, we hope you are inspired by the actions of our son:         Hope for the best, may your actions reflect your best, and may others be encouraged to do their best.

And don't forget to be down4hope!

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